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Why is the army acting like it's in middle school?

I have it in writing.  I'm going to be a מש"קית ת"ש (mashakit tash).  So why is the army still asking me to come in for tests?  They've called me a few times just to ask me if I'm satisfied with the job I'm going to have.  First of all, how the hell am I supposed to know?  I mean, for now I'm very satisfied.  I got the job that I had took the test for, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be good.  Last Thursday, I got a letter demanding that I show up for more tests.  The letter says that these tests won't change any process that I'm in already, but I don't get what they want from me. 

In the beginning I had quailified to take the preliminary examinations to see if I'm qualified to be in the secret service, but I didn't take them because at the time I was under the impression (because they had told me) that I could only take preliminary examinations for one job, and if I didn't get it, I would be stuck as a secretary making coffee for two years.  So I went with the job that was more likely to accept me.  I don't know if that's what this is about, but it does seem that they have an idea of what I should be doing during my service and I didn't make the right decision.  So these tests are on the 26th of December, and we'll see what happens.  I'm curious and intrigued.  if they offer me a really cool job, I'll take it for sure! 

So what's going on?  I have no idea!

Anyone have any idea?

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I think that the army wants to do its best in confusing the soldiers.
I myself was accepted to an army band six months before I enrolled, even so I had to go through all the usual tests, get my manila and then live in fear for a month because they kept telling us that nothing is certain.
That's the army's way of keeping you on your toes.
Maybe they have a few things that they think that you can do.
yea they are playing the "maybe you are going in if you are a good girl" type thing and the draft date is the 24th yes next sunday. I feel your frustration! (I'm going for Karakal, yes don't laugh).
Why would I laugh? That's awesome!
because everyone laughs and tells me how I'm going to be with the butch lesbians of Israel. They called me this morning to let me know I am going!!!! sunday at 13:30 excited nervous!
Mazal Tov!!! That's great news! I know a few girls in there. They're not butch at all. No one can tell you shit. You rock, chayelet kdosha.


Probably they think you can do better ( that does not mean that the new job is going to be cooler :(), or they need it for other reason ( such as to check your chances/motivation for officer course ), or they are confused :). Any way I think it is best for you to do your best at the exam. Good luck.
1) it might be פיילוט מיון תעסוקתי (employment classification pilot), which basically means that for a few hours the army will be using you as a guinea pig. you might be taking exams, but they won't change any process that you're in already. the army will just be testing new ways of sorting through (and torturing) future generations of potential soldiers. that's why it's called a pilot.

2) it might have something to do with Intelligence/שב"כ/מוסד etc. they have all sorts of top secret programmes for english speakers.
It does seem like a shame not to take advantage of my English. שנ"כ would be freakin sweet!
...then again, there are some girls who get stuck serving coffee in the שב"כ. :(

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