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Sharks - hammerheads

meyrevived in askanisraeli

From an Israeli to an Israeli

This is an amusing community, had to say.

Anyways, here are my questions and I'd like you guys to answer honestly with as little attempt to sound braver/smarter/more politically correct than you really, truly are.

1.How do you relate to the jewish holocaust. Is it something that happened to your grandparents/other people's grandparents or is it something you feel connected to?

2.If offered a documentary book or a tv show (other than on holocaust memorial day) about the holocaust would you read/watch on your free time?

3.How much of an impact do you think the holocaust aught to have on our diplomatic relations, on our security issues, our welfare system?

4. During the second world war the engineering corporate Siemens has had a tight relationship with the nazi regime, helping the nazification of its factories and offices, arming the German army and SS and running forced labor factories in many extermination camps such as Auschwitz and Buchenwald (where they designed the crematoriums). Do you think this information and similar information about other companies will effect your consuming of Siemens products? If yes would you still react the same if Siemens did not use forced labor in extermination camps?

5. How do you feel about rising voices in Germany to mourn and have special memorial days for the victims of the allied bombardments at the end of the war over towns like Dresden and others, and that these voices are often supported by neo-nazi movements who often also appear in demonstrations alongside ordinary demonstrators?

6. Do you feel the holocaust has been properly presented in world amusement media such as Hollywood? What is your most memorable movie/television series and why.

Yeah, lots of questions in a community that's been somewhat inactive lately from what I've seen, but I'm very curious about these subjects.


February 2009

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