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tbip in askanisraeli

the truth about GAZA video


i didn't even bother to finish watching this video.
it's uncalled for and tactless. if you wanted to discuss politics, that's a different matter.

when over 1,000 Gazan civilians have died from Israeli rockets, compared to 8 Israeli civilians, please, please, please for the sake of humanity don't just claim it as falsehood and say it's because of "uncensored media". it's absurd. is your pride really worth more than a life to you?
And over the past few years, Isreal has broke its fair share of ceasefires too. But that's politics.

your aim should be peace, not "fight back".
tell me about our aims

we are pretty full of this fake peace
Ugh. Broken, bad english and no pictures to back anything up. Our media doesn't produce proper explenation videos which is bad enough, but these rediculous talkback videos are even worse. We can do better.
David Horowitz? Really? He came to our school and presented. He's a racist and a bigot and one of the most narrow minded "leaders" today. I really hoped you had a legitimate source.
This piece seems OK, though a bit too harping on the holocaust. David Horowitz doesn't run around my parts (I live in Israel) so I guess I had no way of knowing this.
Just as you, living in the US, have no way of knowing what it's like here, you have only your media to see things through and let me tel you it's biased as hell. 'peace' right now is a goal a long way away from us, though we're making the best effort we can to get that long way through, even if it gets bloody once in a while. Right now, with Hammas in power peace is only getting away from us as it keeps its citizens (it is a government) poor, exposed and bitter. All the money flooding to the gaza strip and the west bank from the UN and filanthropests goes to buying weapons and fancy things for the Hammas commanders, not to buy hospital beds and equipment, not to get textbooks for schools, not to improve the cities' condition and certanly not to give citizens a proper place to hide against invading hostile armies (like the Israely citizens got when we started this last operation, knowing the qasam rocket attacks will become much worse). For their own good and for peace to have the slightest chance of ever getting here, Hammas must be knocked down and preferably through a civic uprising.
I completely agree with Hammas getting knocked down and out of the picture. Israel's foreign policy has a funny way of going about trying to oust it though; carpet bombing the Gaza Strip is only going to unify the civilians in their support for the current governmental power, whoever it may be. Also my tax dollars (United States') is going to waste funding the Israeli state. I do not want my money funding a constant bloody fued. THe Israel state has a funny way going about peace, if it fences more than two million people in, blocks their electricity and water and their humanitarian aid.

And for the record, US media is in favor of showing "Israel" as the good guys. We don't see images of Gazans getting bombed like crazy because the government wants the media to portray the whole middle east as a terror zone to get the public to support it's foreign policy agenda. I rely on international perspective for my news, namely BBC.

And you being an Israeli citizen probably means you're the the more biased media influenced between the two of us.

I do not support Israel, it has done it's fair share of wrong in this constant war. And now that Olmert has called "ceasefire" he's just gotten his way- he's now able to avoid negotiations with Hammas, and the cycle will continue. In a few months from now, the Palestinian people will tire of being fenced in again, their anger at their homes being taken away from them re-established, and they'll make a move, and Israel will bomb the shit out of them again.
The Qassam rockets are ineffective if you actaually bothered to read the news (that's unbiased). If you really believe it's Right, if you with all your conscience can say that Israel is in the right killing more than 1000 Palestinians, then I dont know what a life is worth to you and i feel sorry for you.

"You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it" -malcolm x

As a US citizen, you have no right to preach us about carpet bombing, as any German could tell you. I mean, you guys dropped fire bombs on small Japanese villages made of paper-wall homes. Check your history before you preach anyone.

As for humanitarian aid and fencing in people, every day of this operation the IDF stopped its attacks for two hours to allow humanitarian aid trucks (some of which funded by Israel itself...) entry into the Gaza strip. Since yesturday and the ceasefire Israel opened a massive infirmary outside the Gaza strip for Palestinians hit in the operation. Is this a good use of your precious tax dollars? Because if you don't like it, don't vote for it, or protest about it somewhere meaningful (hint: the internet is not a meaningful place) to stop it.
to clarify, i'm a first generation afghan american.
so when america carpet bombed Kabul, i spoke out against American actions then.

Furthermore, being a citizen of any particular country doesn't mean i always support actions of my government. that's such an asinine assumption. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and currently, teh ISRAELI government, not Israeli civilians, are in the wrong.

I'd like a legitimate source of where you believe israel funded humanitarian aid. And that's great that Israel opened up a massive infirmary outside the gaza strip for palestinians, it's the very least they could do.

and you should practice what you preach. if you believe debating over the internet is stupid, then why are you partaking in such a debate? dumbass. i do protest and i do speak up and voice my beliefs outside the interent. i just like hearing what others around the world believe.
sadly, you just meet ignorance.

February 2009

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